Automall 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

11 October 2020

7 Days Money Back Offer
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How secure do you feel buying a pre-owned car? Do you trust your seller to provide you with a comprehensive and all-encompassing car warranty? Are you unsure as to how a car warranty works? Or are you worried that if things go wrong you can’t get your money back?

Buying a pre-owned car can be a bit of a minefield, especially when it comes to car warranties. At Al Futtaim Automall, we try to make it as simple and as straightforward as possible, so you can trust your dealer to provide you with the right car warranty for your vehicle.

But we also reinforce the safeguards for our customers by offering a 7-day Money Back Guarantee. So whether you buy a zippy little city run-around or a luxury sedan, a family-friendly SUV, or a practical truck from Automall, you have total peace of mind.

What is the 7-day Money Back Guarantee all about?

It’s very simple – if for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase or you change your mind within seven days of buying your pre-owned car from us, you can return the car and get a full refund. So if you find that when you get it home it doesn’t fit in the garage, or you’re not happy about the way it drives, you can get your money back with no fuss.

We want to make sure that you’re happy with your investment, but that the money you’ve put into your car is safe and refundable should you change your mind. At Al Futtaim Automall, we have a car for everyone, no matter how big or small your budget, and sell both new and pre-owned vehicles from the top manufacturers. But we never lose sight of the fact that buying a used car is a big commitment, and a big financial investment. The best car warranty companies will always understand this and do their best to provide you with a new car warranty that suits your budget and your requirements. We just go that little bit further, giving you what is effectively a 7-day ‘cooling off’ period when you can change your mind if you want to.

What about an extended warranty?

Once your seven days is up, don’t worry – you’re still covered by our used car extensive warranty for a whole year. It’s easy to get an extended warranty on a used car from Al Futtaim Automall, whether you buy your car from one of our showrooms, or you choose the easy option of buying online.

An online service for total peace of mind

We know how busy everyone is, and that spending time going to showrooms to choose your new car takes a chunk out of your day when you could be doing far more important things. So we’ve made it easy for you to choose a used car from the comfort of your own home, arrange a test-drive with the car delivered right to your door, and even sort out your finances online. Our Buy a car Online service makes buying a used car in the UAE so simple, and you have that 7-day Money Back Guarantee for your peace of mind too.

Can I get a warranty for an older car?

It can be tough getting a warranty for older cars, but with Al Futtaim Automall our car warranty cover applies to every single car we sell, regardless of age, make, or model. Our genuine mileage certification also provides peace of mind by assessing the vehicle’s precise mileage, and every used car we sell goes through a 99-point check carried out by trained and experienced technicians. That means our used car warranties reflect the fact that you can trust your car to be in top condition from the moment you pick up the keys. And remember – if you do change your mind or it’s not quite what you were looking for, let us know within a week and your 7-day Money Back Guarantee means you can have your money returned to you instantly, with no fuss.

Find out more about how to buy a car online at Al Futtaim Automall, and more about our car warranty cover and 7-day Money Back Guarantee by browsing our website.