Buying A Used Car – Private vs. Dealer

17 May 2020

Buying A Used Car –  Private vs. Dealer

Buying a used car isn’t just a matter of finding something you like that’s within your budget. There’s a whole host of considerations to consider. While cost is probably right at the top of your list at the moment, there are lots of other factors to look at before you buy your next car.

You’ve essentially got two options – you can either scan the private sales adverts online or in your area, or you can go to a dealership that specialises in multi-brand quality pre-owned vehicles.

Going private

The only real advantage of buying from a private advert is the initial asking price. When a person is selling their car, they normally want to get rid of it fairly quickly to make room in their garage for the latest model. So price-wise, you’ll probably pay less by buying from a car owner than you would through any other route.

However, this could quickly turn into a false economy, especially if you buy a vehicle for a knock-down price, and then have to start paying for major repairs. Even something as straightforward as a set of tires can cost you a lot of money, especially if the car has low-profile tires, or has custom-sized rims.

If there are ‘hidden problems’ with the car then you’ll have no redress and no way of getting your money back, especially if the car is ‘sold as seen’, which means you’ve accepted the vehicle in its current condition, faults and all. Getting your money back if you’ve bought a bad or even dangerous car from a private dealer is going to be almost impossible.

Going to a dealership

You’re going to be spending a considerable amount of money on purchasing a car, so make sure you’ve got peace of mind as well as a great deal. Dealerships such as Automall not only check and service every vehicle before the wheels touch the forecourt, but they’ll offer you that all-important warranty as well. That means your purchase is covered for up to 12 months or 20,000km (whichever comes first). If the vehicle still has a manufacturer’s warranty then that’ll be transferred to you as the new owner too.

If you want even more security, your warranty can be extended for up to three years (or 60,000km) for an additional fee. If anything does happen, Automall will take care of the cost of repairs or replacement to any faulty parts that have failed through poor materials or workmanship. While this doesn’t include normal wear and tear (so you’ll still have to pay for those new tires yourself), it does give you the reassurance that you’ll be covered if a major component fails. That’s a level of confidence you won’t get if you buy from a private seller.

Keeping the cost down

While buying from a private seller can be cheaper initially, there are also ways to keep the cost of a pre-owned car purchase down by going through an authorised dealership such as Automall. As the largest multi-brand pre-owned car dealership in the UAE, they have the ability to offer both finance and the possibility of trade-in your existing car against the cost of purchase. That means you can reduce the cost of a premium quality used car, as well as paying for it over a longer period (as long as you qualify for finance).

Checked by professionals

Before a pre-owned car goes on sale at a dealership, it is thoroughly inspected by expert mechanics. From the brakes to the steering, electrics to a full valet, every part of the car is examined in detail. You’ll be given a full report on the 99-point inspection, as well as the full service history of the vehicle (only if the same is available) before you buy.

So our advice? Always buy from a trusted and an authorised dealership like Automall. Trust your instinct, and remember, if a private car sale seems too good to be true, it probably is!