Buying & Selling A Car: Should You Do A Trade-in

17 May 2020

Buying & Selling A Car: Should You Do A Trade-in

There’s no shortage of ways to buy a car in the UAE. But what’s the best way to do it? If you’ve got an old car to sell, should you sell and buy separately or do a trade-in? We outline the benefits of each, so you can decide what’s best for you.

Buying and selling a car separately

You’ve found the car you want to buy and you need to sell your current car first. You could convert your car to cash in seconds through a dealer or you could opt to sell your car privately. Once your old car is sold, you’ll have the money to buy a new car.

Things to consider:

  • If you’ve got a popular model and make of car, you could strike it lucky and get a higher price when you sell privately compared to the trade-in price.
  • There could be a gap between selling your old car and getting your new one that will leave you without wheels. If you need a car every day for work or family commitments, this can be inconvenient.
  • It could take you longer than you think to sell your car privately. If that happens, you may miss the deal on the car you’ve found.
  • If you’re selling privately, you’ll need your RTA road-worthiness certificate. This lasts 30 days from issue, so you’ll need to sell your car within that time or you’ll have to fork out to get another certificate.

Buying your next car with a trade-in

There are lots of good reasons to trade-in your car when you upgrade to something different at Automall.

Things to consider:

  • You can unlock special trade-in deal prices and discounts, making your next car even better value for money.
  • Doing a trade-in is a convenient way to sell and buy a car. You can choose when and where you want to do the deal. Then drive up in your old car and drive away in your new car.
  • It’s quick. Your current car’s value can be agreed in minutes and you can trade it in for a different car right away. That way you know you won’t miss out on the car (or the deal) you want.
  • A trade-in is often the easiest way to sell a car. You won’t have to hang around or negotiate with potential buyers for your old car.
  • You can be confident you’re getting a fair price for your trade-in, thanks to Automall’s promise to beat any market valuation. This could be more than you would get selling your car privately, especially if you have to pay for advertising.
  • When you trade-in a vehicle for an upgrade you can choose to use cash to pay the difference in price. Alternatively, you can use the trade-in as the deposit you need for a finance deal or auto loan from Automall.
  • You can trade-in any make, model, and year car at Automall.

To find cars for sale or for a free online valuation speak to the experts at Automall, the UAE’s biggest multi-brand quality used car dealer.