How to Compare Between Used Cars

31 August 2021

How to compare between used cars

With so many different types, models makes and styles of used cars, it can be a mind-boggling experience trying to wade through all of your options. Which are the best used cars to buy if you have a family? What if you want something a little more sporty? What are the best used SUVs in the UAE right now? We’ve put together a short guide to help you compare the best-used cars and make the right decision.

Set your budget

One of the most important factors in choosing a used car will be the price. At Automall, we’ve included a handy sliding scale option when you search for used cars on our site so you can see what’s available within your budget.

Remember, that we also buy pre-owned cars, so adding this into the equation may give you a bigger budget than you previously thought. Use our Valuation Tool to find out exactly how much your pre-owned car is worth. We’ll always give you the full market value of your car, no matter what the model or make.

Pick your style

You can narrow down your search by choosing a particular style of car. If you have a growing family then an SUV or an MPV maybe your best option. If you need something that can operate both as a runaround and as a work vehicle then a van or Pick Up may be a better choice. Looking for something sporty? Check out our selection of coupes, or if practicality and all-around good looks are your main priorities then a hatchback might be the car for you.

Finance options

Buying a car is a major investment, and not everyone has the cash to make an outright purchase. Rather than trawling through the private classified for a ‘this will do’ lower-quality option, talking to Automall could open up more options for you financially. All of our pre-owned vehicles are available with finance options that will suit most budgets, allowing you to buy something a little better but without the big financial outlay that an outright purchase entails.

You can spread the cost of your used car over a set period, paying off your car in monthly installments that are manageable and set at a rate to suit your financial situation. Remember that you can also trade in your old car too, giving you even more finance options.

Which brand?

Are you a Mercedes lover or a fan of the BMW? Do you prefer American iron or Japanese innovation? Each brand has its own particular characteristics that owners are drawn to. But don’t disregard Ford's if you’ve always driven Chevrolets, or turn your back on the Lexus if your last car was an Audi A6.

Our top tip: take advantage of the opportunity to test drive as many different cars as you can. At Automall, we can deliver a test drive car right to your door so you can experience the different options available for yourself. Then once you’ve looked at the finance packages available, you can make an informed choice over which used car to buy.

At Automall, we’re always here to help you make the right choice. If you’re looking for the best-used cars in the UAE, we have just what you need. Every car is carefully examined by our qualified technicians and is put through a rigorous 99-point check system before it’s offered to our customers. So you can be sure that the used car you buy from Automall is a premium quality option.

Talk to us today to find out more about our finance options, and use our online tools to compare the best-used cars in the UAE.