How To Minimize Wear And Tear On Your Vehicle

17 May 2020

A well looked after car will save you money by preventing those unexpected (and unwelcome!) repair bills. It’ll also give you the confidence that it won’t let you down when you need to get the family home after a long road trip.

You’ll get a better trade-in price when it’s time to upgrade if you keep it well-maintained - and the service history updated. Here are our top five tips to help you to minimize everyday wear and tear on your vehicle.

1) Change the filters

If you’ve recently moved to the UAE, you’ll be surprised just how quickly sand and dust will clog up your filters! Blocked filters mean that air can’t circulate properly, which can lead to the engine overheating. And that can mean the inconvenience of a breakdown as well as costly damage occurring to your car, including potentially a warped cylinder head, which could cost you thousands to repair.

2) Top up the coolant

Another leading cause of breakdown and engine problems is failing to keep the coolant topped up. It’s hot in the UAE, so unless you drive an air-cooled model keeping an eye on your coolant levels is more important in this part of the world, when engines can get very hot, very quickly. If you don’t, your car can overheat resulting in catastrophic engine damage.

3) Keep an eye on oil levels

Oil is the lifeblood of your car’s engine. If levels get too low, damage can occur to moving parts as the lubrication that stops metal-to-metal wear in the most sensitive areas of the engine. However don’t overdo it, as overfilling with oil can also cause a problem. The pressure can build up, pop the oil seals, and suddenly you’ve got a big black puddle under your car and no oil in the engine! Check oil levels every couple of weeks: you’re aiming for a level half-way between the min and max marker points on your dipstick.

4) Check tire pressure

It pays to keep an eye on your tire pressure. Letting tires get too low or inflating them too much can be dangerous, and can also lead to uneven wear. It will also increase your fuel consumption, so you’ll end up with higher running costs, and need to replace your tires more often.

5) Give your car some shade

The extreme heat of the sun can lead to discolouration and your dashboard cracking. Try to leave your car parked in the shade whenever you can, or use a windscreen shade to keep plastics looking fresh and new for longer.

Prevention is better than cure

The easiest solution to keep your car well maintained is to book your car in for regular services. A standard service should include a filter change. The technicians will also check your coolant and oil levels, and that your tires are in good condition and at the correct pressure.

As a general guide, in the UAE you should think about getting your car serviced every 5,000km. Bear in mind that the scorching summer sun can make overheating problems worse, so it may be worth getting a service carried out in June, even if it is not due.

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