Is it Worth Buying a Luxury Car?

31 August 2021

Is it worth buying a luxury car

Luxury cars are the stuff of dreams. They inhabit the posters on young car-lover’s walls and turn heads wherever they go. They’re aspirational and represent motoring at its very best. But are they worth the hype, and the price tags? Here are five reasons why we think buying a luxury car is a smart move.

1. Build quality

Manufacturers pour everything they have into their luxury car brands. Years of innovation, design and technology goes into every single component, from the leather seats and air conditioning through to the powertrain, suspension and brakes. Because they have a reputation to maintain, the build quality of every luxury car is superior, so interiors are created using beautiful elements such as walnut or hand-stitched leather while mechanical components are built to the highest standards. Even the paint is better, meaning it’ll look, feel, and drive better for longer.

2. Comfort and performance

Luxury cars tend to be more powerful than their smaller, everyday cousins, so you know that even long journeys will be effortless, comfortable experiences for both driver and passengers. If you prefer things a little more sporty then luxury cars have a variety of different driving modes to suit the terrain or the style of driving, from the on/off-road capabilities of the BMW X1 SDrive 2017 to the sporty performance of that all-American muscle car, the Dodge Challenger.

3. Value – less depreciation

Although luxury cars may cost more, they’re worth more, and because they fall into the premium class, they hold their value well, too. While the average car will depreciate rapidly as soon as the wheels leave the forecourt, a luxury used car will hold its value for longer (there will still be depreciation, but the resale value will remain high). Pre-owned luxury cars are reasonably affordable, so if you can stretch to an upgrade, our advice is to buy the best quality luxury used car that you can afford.

4. Safety – greater technology to keep you and your family safer on the road

Luxury cars pack in the features, and that includes safety aspects that come as standard. While all modern cars have ABS, luxury cars have a wide choice of extras to help the driver and passengers stay safer on the road. For example, the BMW540i Drive has ENCAP’s highest 5-star safety rating and comes with the option of a complete Driving Assistant Plus package.

5. Economy

We’re all more concerned about how much of an impact we’re having on the planet, which means greater fuel efficiency has become a much more important factor in buying a used car. Luxury cars have been tuned to be incredibly efficient and, despite their gas-guzzling image of yesteryear, are today far more efficient. Many luxury car brands have expanded their range into hybrid and E-technology, so today you can buy luxury cars that are much kinder to both your wallet and the planet.

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