The Best Fuel Efficient Cars

4 April 2021

the best fuel efficient Cars

While style, performance and luxury looks are always top of the list of considerations when it comes to buying a new or pre-owned car, fuel efficiency is becoming increasingly important. With the advent of hybrid technology and better design and engineering for petrol and diesel models, our cars and SUVs are going further on a gallon of fuel than ever before. But what is a fuel-efficient car? And can you do things to make your car fuel efficient? Here are our top tips.

Good maintenance means good efficiency

The better a car is looked after, the more efficient it will be. That includes everything from the tyre pressures to ensuring your car is fully serviced on a regular basis. Fuel efficient petrol cars burn the correct fuel and air mixture to produce the most power on every stroke of the engine. So ensuring that the vehicle is running at optimum efficiency at every part of the process, from ignition to the exhaust system, is crucial. Talk to your servicing team if you notice any excess exhaust fumes from your car, as this may indicate an internal issue that means fuel is being wasted or that your engine is not running efficiently.

Size matters

Smaller cars are naturally more efficient than bigger, heavier cars, because the engine has less weight to propel down the road and doesn’t have to work as hard. If fuel efficiency is right at the top of your list then a compact car is a better choice. Cars like the Kia Soul LX offer all the practicality and performance you need but with better fuel efficiency than a larger, heavier car. We also love the nippy little Ford Figo and the ever-popular Mitsubishi Mirage Lowline, both of which make great city cars but have enough power to cope with the open road.

What about hybrid cars?

Hybrids like the Toyota Prius Iconic and its sister model, the Iconic, are incredibly efficient. But currently, more customers are looking for fuel efficient non hybrid cars, so while the Toyota Prius range is one of our best-sellers here at Automall, many of our customers prefer the enhanced performance of petrol cars such as the Nissan Sunny or the versatile Kia Rio EX.

Are larger cars fuel efficient?

The theory that all SUVs are ‘gas guzzlers’ is a bit of a misnomer. Manufacturers have put a great deal of effort into making bigger cars like the Toyota RAV-4 or the Nissan Juke petrol ‘sippers’, and you’ll get a surprising mpg return on these bigger cars. More high-tech engine designs make them some of the best fuel efficient cars in the UAE, and their go-anywhere, do-anything designs makes them hugely popular too. Contrary to popular myth, modern SUVs are no longer as bad for the planet as their predecessors!

What about luxury cars?

With luxury models like BMW and Audi, it’s always been all about the power and performance. However, today, some of the top fuel efficient cars are also luxury models. BMW fuel efficient cars will deliver surprisingly high mpg numbers with no loss of performance, especially top-end speed.

To find out more about fuel efficient cars in the UAE, talk to one of our team at Automall today.