The Best Used Luxury Car Options In The UAE

10 February 2021

The Best Used Luxury Car Options In The UAE

Luxury cars are every motorist’s dream. Whether it’s a top-quality Range Rover for those weekend trips to your ski chalet, or a sleek Jaguar, style, performance and comfort are the key elements of any luxury car. If you’re looking for the best used luxury car options in the UAE, what are your options? Do you go German or Japanese? European style or American muscle? We take a look at the top luxury cars in the UAE.

German engineering

Not only do the German manufacturers have a reputation for exceptional design and reliability, but they also produce some of the most aspirational luxury cars in the world. From the BMW 750li to the Audi A4, the gloriously elegant Mercedes Benz C200 or the Porsche Cayenne, German luxury cars are hugely popular in the UAE. Not only do they offer exceptional power and performance, but they also hold their value incredibly well, depreciating much more slowly than other makes.

At Automall, we have hand-picked a selection of the best German luxury cars, with everything from sleek sedans to rugged off-roaders that are capable of tackling both desert dunes and city streets.

Eastern innovation

From the elegance of the Lexus GS350 to the raw power and performance of the Toyota Supra, the mighty Toyota Land Cruiser or the Limited edition Toyota Avalon, Japanese and Korean manufacturers have certainly brought out some exceptional luxury cars in the last few years that are more than capable of going head to head with their German counterparts. Famous for their innovative engineering and sleek styling, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, and Honda have all produced some top-quality luxury cars.

Their premium SUVs are particularly popular in the UAE as they offer all the comfort and interior styling of a sedan but with off-road capabilities that are more than able to take on weekend desert adventures or long-distance touring. You are also starting to see manufacturers not previously known for their luxury models start to come into the market, such as the Nissan Pathfinder, which is more than a match for the more established Toyota RAV-4 or even the Land Cruiser.

European style

With heritage brands such as Land Rover and Jaguar and the incredible safety record of the Volvo, European brands offer top-quality comfort and those little refined extras you’ve come to expect in the luxury marketplace. However, always expect the unexpected with European models, so while you might automatically associate Jaguar with exceptional sports cars, for example, look out for their crossover/SUVs such as the F-Pace, which is a direct rival to the better known Land Rover Discovery or the top-end Range Rover.

Volvo is famous for its safety record, but over the past few years, they’ve put just as much effort into their styling as well, delivering classy crossovers such as the Xc40 and the Xc60. Spacious, comfortable, and with that reassuringly solid Swedish build quality, Volvo are the quietly understated champions of premium quality SUVs.

American muscle

Finally, we take a quick look at some American muscle. If you want spacious luxury cars, these are the models to look at. From the aggressive power of the Dodge Charger (a true American muscle car) to the utter style of the Cadillac Ct6, or the off-road capabilities of the Jeep, American cars offer real value for money. The build quality, once a notorious flaw in US cars, is now on a par with the German and European models, while the power delivery systems have been upgraded along with improved handling and suspension. The result is a selection of cars, crossovers and SUVs that deliver all the power and performance you’d expect from those legendary V8 engines but with a more refined and comfortable ride and sharp, precise cornering with far better fuel efficiency. Our top tip: watch the US brands during 2021, as they’re becoming big sellers here at Automall.

If you’re looking for the best luxury cars in the UAE, from a Jeep Grand Cherokee to a Toyota Supra, talk to the experts at Automall today.