Tips on How To Sell Used Cars in The UAE

1 March 2021

Sell your car

We’re moving into one of the busiest times of the year for buying and selling used cars in the UAE. Spring triggers plans for summer road trips with the family, weekend adventures with friends, or just a desire for something a little different and more up-to-date than your current car. If you’re planning on selling your used car in the UAE, here are our top 5 tips to make sure you get the best deal.

1. Know the market

With thousands of used cars being traded across the UAE, it pays to know exactly what’s popular, what’s not selling particularly well at the moment, and what the market value is for your used car. Before you decide to try selling, do a little bit of research first. Get an idea of the average price of a like-for-like model (the same year, make, model and condition as your own) so that you have a baseline number to work with. This is particularly important if you’re selling privately so you can set a fair price. Use Automall’s online valuation tool to get an instant and accurate value on your used car.

2. Consider selling to a dealership

If you want a quick sale with a guaranteed price, consider talking to a dealership. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t get less for your car if you sell to a dealer, you’ll actually get the correct market value for your make and model. What’s more, your sale can go through in as little as 60 minutes, with an instant money transfer direct into your bank account so you can access your funds straight away. You can also consider using your car as a trade-in for a newer model, as well as accessing finance deals so you could end up with a much better car than you thought possible!

3. Condition is all important

Obviously, the better the condition, the more attractive your used car will be to potential buyers. Our tip is to invest in a full valet service (both inside and out) before you put your car up for sale. Even a tiny scratch or a bit of dirt on those floor mats could devalue your car more than you think.

4. Make sure your service history doesn’t have any gaps

Any gaps in your service history will put potential buyers off immediately. Your buyer will want to know the full history of the vehicle to ensure that there are no ‘little surprises’ waiting under the bonnet. Ensure you keep all receipts, service stamps and purchase notes so that the potential buyer can see the full history of your vehicle.

5. Make sure all finance is fully paid up

If there is outstanding finance on a vehicle it will make the car very difficult to sell, and in fact, it is illegal in the UAE to sell a car privately if there is still outstanding finance on the vehicle. If you do have outstanding finance on the car then your best option if you really want to sell is to talk to a dealership like Automall, who will be willing to discuss purchasing your car and settle your loan with no hassle.

Follow these tips and you shouldn’t have any problems selling your car in the UAE. Alternatively, if you want a fast, hassle-free option then contact Automall today.