Top Sedan Models to buy in the UAE

2 May 2021

Top Sedan Cars

While everyone has been busy buying hybrids, crossovers and SUVs, the sedan seems to have been left on the side lines. However, at Automall, we’ve found that our customers are just as much in love with those sleek lines and powerful engines as ever, and are keen to sink into those luxurious leather seats and indulge in the quiet sophistication of a silky-smooth sedan.

Versatile and capable of taking the family on holiday for the weekend or chauffeuring around VIPs, sedans are one of the most common vehicles on the road. They conform to a ‘three-box’ configuration, which means there are separate compartments for the engine, the passenger cabin, and luggage space. That makes them rigid, strong, and often benefiting from higher ENCAP safety ratings for passenger protection, as the cabin is an enclosed space with barriers between the passengers and the engine and luggage spaces.

From Toyota’s legendary people-car, the Yaris, through to the aspirational Mercedes S Class, sedan cars cover the entire price range and are suitable for any budget. But which are the top sedan cars in the UAE? Here are the best of the best from our top five makes

Lexus Sedans – The Lexus IS350 Sedan

This 3.5litre V6 beauty is the height of luxury, especially if you go for the sophisticated graphite black colorway. An automatic gearbox and 311bhp engine combined with a lower, more menacing profile, make this beautiful car a real favorite. It’s packed with all of the usual safety features and in-cabin luxury touches you’ve come to expect from Lexus, and because it’s a more refined car it tends to hold its value better than other rivals in this class.

Toyota Sedans – The Yaris vs the Corolla

Toyota specialise in sedans, producing both affordable, family-friendly versions like the Yaris and more sporty, sleek options such as the Corolla. It’s so difficult to choose between Yaris sedans and Corolla sedans that we’ve created a little and included both. The Yaris SE may have a smaller 1.5Litre engine but it’s economical, more compact, and very user friendly. The Corolla weighs in with a larger 2Litre engine option and sleeker, more stylised lines, and is definitely an aspirational sedan with plenty of extras to keep everyone happy.

Chevrolet Sedans– The Chevrolet Cruze

The Americans have been sedan specialists for years, and Chevrolet definitely dominates the sedan market with its powerful road presence and distinctive looks. The Cruze gives you various options including a punchy 1.8Litre engine with automatic transmission for an easy yet controllable driving experience. We like the practicality and versatility of this car that’s just as much at home on the city streets as it is on the open road.

Mercedes Sedans – The Mercedes S400

Top-of-the-range sedans don’t get much better than the Mercedes S Class, and the S400 is everything you would expect from this luxury brand – precision German engineering, sheer power and drivability, and a luxury interior that whisks you along in complete comfort. The S400 has a powerful 3Litre engine and massive amounts of torque that propel you along the tarmac effortlessly. One of our favorite cars, and definitely one to look at if you have a larger budget to spend on a luxury sedan.

Kia Sedans – The Kia Optima LX

Although Kia has been moving more towards crossovers in the past few years, they are still producing some very stylish and powerful sedans. We particularly like the Optima LX, with its slightly more aggressive road presence and modern styling that gives it a more sophisticated look than you might expect from the normally cute and friendly Korean brand. The 2Litre engine is punchy yet economical, and this is a car that’s suited for city streets or long, open roads.

If you’re looking for the best sedans to buy in the UAE, talk to the team at Automall today and see what’s on offer. Book a test drive in one of our top-quality sedans and see why these versatile cars are still as popular today as they ever were.