Top SUVs and Sedans To Buy

11 October 2020

Top Sedan SUV Cars

From a luxury Lexus sedan car to any one of the top ten best SUV cars in the UAE, you have an endless choice of pre-owned SUVs and sedans to choose from at Al Futtaim Automall. So how do you narrow down your search and pick the right car for you? Here are a few tips that will help you hunt down the best SUV cars in the UAE, and a selection of sedan luxury cars that may just grab your interest!

Smooth sedans – an executive choice

Sedans offer far more versatility than most people realise, with an added layer of luxury on top. Think elegant cabins, leather trim and digital infocenters that allow you to interact with your car in new and exciting ways. We love the Lexus for its premium build quality, reliability, and affordable price tag. Big sedan cars also tend to hold their resale value well, so if you’re thinking of swapping in your Audi sedan car for a family-friendly SUV, you should get a good return on your initial investment.

While the Lexus is hugely popular, bear in mind that other sedans on offer include the sport sedan Audi A6, the universally popular Honda Civic, BMWs and, if you have slightly deeper pockets, the Mercedes A-Class. If you want sedans that hold their resale value then the German manufacturers are the ones to look out for. However, the Lexus and some of the bolder US models such as the Chrysler 300 also resell very easily and offer a great sedan experience at a more affordable price.

SUVs – all-round versatility and usability

SUVs or Sports Utility Vehicles are all things to all drivers. Fast and packed full of features yet seriously family-friendly and practical, SUVs are the true success story of the automotive industry in the last 20 years. They’ve given drivers versatility and choice, and for larger families the cost of 7-seater cars in the UAE has now come down to a much more affordable level.

While rugged, tough SUVs such as the Honda Pilot will make sure you can go anywhere, anytime, for a more sedate and city-friendly option there are ‘crossovers’ which are sedan SUV cars that are just at home on the city streets as they are crossing a desert or heading up a mountain pass. We particularly like the Honda HR-V and its cousin, the SR-V for their versatility and feature-rich cabins.

Incredibly roomy luggage areas that can be extended by a variety of different seating formations make them true workhorses too, whether you’re transporting a new wardrobe from the mall, or the family to your summer holiday home for a couple of weeks.

You can also look at the granddaddy of SUVs, the Jeep and its spectacularly successful Cherokee range, or the all-American Dodge Durango, a real brute of an SUV but with a surprising level of refinement and driveability.

How Al Futtaim can help make the decision easier

So which one do you choose? It really depends on what you want your used car to do for you. If you’re constantly on adventures that take you off the beaten track, or have a large family then an SUV is the obvious choice. If you prefer to stay in 5-star hotels, have a smaller family or just want a more luxurious road experience then big sedan cars offer everything you need.

Whichever one you choose, at Al Futtaim Automall UAE we can help you with a selection of pre-owned SUV cars in the UAE, or a choice of some of the best small and big sedan cars on offer, including both new and pre-owned cars.

Call into your local Al Futtaim Automall dealership today, or browse our online selection and book a test-drive, all from the comfort of your sofa!