Trade In Your Car For A Pre-Owned Upgrade

17 May 2020

Trade In Your Car For A Pre-Owned Upgrade

If your car is in perfectly good working order and runs without a problem, what is the point in trading it in for another one? Perhaps you want to upgrade to a sportier model, or you have a growing family and need a car with more room, a better safety rating, or a more economical engine? The reasons for trading in are as unique as you are. But what we can say is that it’s a smart move to make, whatever your reasons.

Why trade in?

Your car is a valuable asset. However, the older it gets, the less it’s worth. The smart thing to do is to trade it in for a newer model with better features, greater fuel efficiency, or just more comfortable seats! Whatever your reasons for deciding to change to a different vehicle, whether they’re practical or aesthetic, you’ll need to try and find a good deal. That’s where authorised dealerships such as Automall come in.

The largest multi-brand pre-owned vehicle dealer in the UAE, they have not only the clout to find the best quality cars at the best prices, but dealers so they can offer everything from part-exchange deals to finance deals that’ll give you complete peace of mind.

Any make or model

Some dealers put restrictions on what makes or models they’ll take as part of a trade-in deal. However, as long as the doors aren’t falling off, Automall will consider any make or model of car when it comes to a trade-in. Obviously, they’re going to look more favourably at a modern, luxury model. But even if a car is a few years old, if it’s in good condition, and would be attractive to another customer, they’ll consider it as part of a trade-in.

Get the best market price

Unless it’s a vintage Lamborghini, every vehicle suffers from depreciation the second it rolls off the forecourt. Some cars are worse than others and lose their value at a much faster rate. The trick is to find the very best market price for your car, so that it represents the greatest value against your next purchase.

Automall is dealership and, as the largest in the UAE, has the ability to pay a fair price for trade-in vehicles. In fact, they guarantee that they’ll pay customers the best market price possible, so you know you’re getting a fair deal. If you go to a smaller dealership you may not get the deal you want, especially for models that are known to depreciate at a faster rate.

Car to cash in 30 minutes

Trading in a car can be a long and complicated process with some dealerships. Let’s be honest – if you have a busy life, the last thing you want to do is spend days or even weeks getting the paperwork completed and then waiting for your cash to come through. That’s why Automall offers a Car to Cash process that takes just about 30 minutes.

You can either put that payment against a new purchase or get a cash payment for your car. There are terms and conditions that apply to all transactions, but in most cases, your deal will go through hassle-free.

When you consider all that, isn’t it time you thought about trading in your old model for something newer, more stylish, and more comfortable? There’s never been a better time to upgrade!