Which is The Most Reliable Car Brand in UAE?

1 June 2021

most reliable car brands

Sporty or practical? Pleasure or business? Whatever you want from your car there’s one thing it must have and that’s reliability. In the UAE, we face very different challenges from other road users, particularly if you spend a lot of your time driving through the desert or up in our stunning mountains. Reliability isn’t just something you want – it’s an absolute essential. We’ve put together our top picks for the most reliable cars in the UAE for each category – which one will you pick?


These all-rounders are the choice of families and business drivers alike. They’re the most common and most versatile of all and work just as well as a family car, a luxury VIP chauffeured option, or a business fleet car. They’re spacious, powerful, and most of the manufacturers produce top-quality sedans for discerning drivers. We love the BMW730Li Exclusive with its incredibly powerful 3-Litre engine and sleek, elegant styling. BMW has a reputation for excellence, and the 730Li represents the pinnacle of this luxury brand, delivering outstanding performance and German precision engineering for a car that simply will not let you down.


These practical and often surprisingly sporty cars are great city choices, offering up plenty of luggage space, roomy cabins, and a plethora of in-car tech. They also have good ENCAP safety ratings, making them a great choice for young families. Top of the tree is the Toyota Yaris, with an incredible heritage, superb engineering, and hybrid options for those who want their motoring to be greener. The Yaris is one of the biggest selling cars in the UAE, and it’s easy to see why, thanks to its versatile nature and reputation for reliability.


They started out as go-anywhere, do-anything vehicles perfect for dune bashing or exploring the more remote regions of the desert. Today, SUVs are just as popular with families as they are with adventure drivers. SUVs have on and off-road abilities, outstanding safety records, and reliability. It’s a crowded market with a lot of great options, but our top pick is the Honda CR-V, which repeatedly comes out at the top of its class in tests. A solid 2.4-Litre engine and good on/off-road capabilities make it a great all-round choice.


Also known as ‘people carriers’, MPVs are particularly popular with business users and can accommodate six to eight people in comfort. The seating configuration can be swapped around, so they’re great for carrying large items too. We love the Toyota Innova SE, which has emerged as one of the best and most reliable MPVs in the UAE. A strong 2.7-Litre engine delivers excellent power and good fuel economy, making them good for both city use and longer trips.

Pick ups

For business users, there’s one name that jumps to the top of the list when it comes to pick-ups, and that’s the legendary Toyota Hilux. However, this heritage classic is being challenged by some equally reliable, rugged and powerful competitors, including the Ford F-150 Shelby. This beast of a pick-up has exceptionally high ground clearance, making it a must for difficult terrain, while a spacious cabin and roomy cargo area makes it both comfortable and practical in equal measure.


Finally, let’s go for something sporty. Coupes have a reputation for being the ‘thoroughbreds’ of the road – spirited, fast, and fabulous fun to drive. But just like any other car, you want to be sure that when you settle into the driver’s seat and press the start button, your coupe is going to fire up on all cylinders, so reliability is just as important as top speed. The Dodge Challenger has to be the coupe of choice in the UAE. This American muscle car has a unique heritage and the modern versions are incredibly reliable as well as giving you that genuine driver’s experience. They’re big, they have an incredibly aggressive road presence, and they’re everything a driver wants in a sports coupe.