Why Buying A Used Car is A Good Deal

4 April 2021


Buying a car is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make – in fact, it often ranks as the second-most costly buy after your house! So if there is any way to get the car you want while cutting down on the costs, that has to be a good deal. At Automall, we specialise in offering pre-owned cars of exceptional quality at great prices, and we believe that used cars represent great value for money. If you still believe that brand new is best, here are a few compelling arguments in favour of buying a used car.

1. You can still buy the latest models

When we talk about ‘used’ cars, that includes very recent models that are maybe a few months older than the brand new models you’ll see in most car showrooms. So a used car in the UAE may include a model that’s only got a couple of thousand kilometres on the clock and still has that ‘new car smell’! Cars do depreciate, regardless of model, so if you’re looking for an almost-new car there are plenty to choose from at Automall.

2. You can get great trade-in deals on used cars

Good quality used cars mean great trade-in deals. If your own car is in good condition then you should be able to trade it in as part payment on a newer model quite easily, as dealerships are always looking for a good quality stock to replenish their forecourts! Trading in your car for a pre-owned but newer model means that you can afford something a little more luxurious than you first thought, too. So why not upgrade by buying pre-owned?

3. Finance deals galore

At Automall, we want to make it easy for our customers to afford a top-quality pre-owned car. So you’ll find buying a used car in the UAE from a dealership is the easiest way to arrange finance, rather than paying outright for a private purchase. Spread the cost of your investment over a set period, and take advantage of special offers and cash discounts to cut the cost even further.

4. Buy online from the comfort of your couch

From browsing the latest used car deals to booking a test drive, you can now buy a used car from the comfort of your couch by buying online. Our online showroom gives you access to more than a thousand pre-owned cars, trucks, SUVs and sedans, with everything from nippy little city cars to big commercial vehicles for business customers. Once you’ve found the car you like, you can order a test drive and the car will be delivered to your door so you can try before you buy. You can even arrange your finance deal online – buying a used car has never been this easy.

5. You get more ‘bang for your bucks’

Going back to our first point, cars are expensive. But buying a used car means that you get much more for your money so you can afford to treat yourself to a few little luxuries. If you have a growing family then buying a larger family car makes more sense, while those who want a car that works well in the city and on the open road can choose from great deals on used SUVs such as the RAV-4 or the popular Nissan Juke.

No matter what you’re looking for, buying used cars in the UAE has never been easier. To check out what’s on offer, browse our website today and start searching for your next pre-owned car.