Why Is This a Good Time To Buy Used Cars?

25 August 2020

If you’re looking to buy a used car, now is the best time to do it. Why? Well, with a buoyant market that means you’ll get a good price for your old car, as well as a host of deals on offer from dealerships such as Al-Futtaim Automall, there’s plenty to tempt the prospective buyer.

The Lockdown effect

After months of lockdown as a result of Covid-19, dealers have a glut of used cars on offer. That means they want to get those units shifted as quickly as possible to make way for newer stock. To get existing stock off the forecourt, prices on pre-owned cars have been cut, meaning there are some great deals to be had on everything from family saloons and crossovers to SUVs and even luxury coupes.

The ‘Lockdown effect’ has been dramatic, but be warned – it won’t last forever. As with every other marketplace, the used car market is bouncing back rapidly, and is quite volatile all over the UAE. Eventually, it will find its equilibrium and prices will return to normal. So if you’re interested in buying a certified pre-owned car, now is the time to do it.

Dealership special offers

To tempt in the customers after sluggish sales during the last few months, many certified used car dealerships are offering some very tempting special offers to ‘sweeten the pot’ and encourage customers to buy. These include great finance offers that spread the cost of premium quality pre-owned cars, 7-day money-back guarantees, and the best prices on trade-ins or part-exchange deals.

Selling your old car

With so many options on offer, it’s a buyer’s market and if you are looking to buy a car in the UAE then shopping around is the right thing to do. However, you still have to sell your old car, so how easy is that in the current climate? Well, if you talk to the right people, it could all be done and dusted in just 60 minutes! At Automall, you’ll get a top offer on your car and if you accept, you could have the cash in your hand in just an hour.

But if you want a little more time to think about things, then be aware that only certain dealerships such as Automall will ‘hold’ an offer for you for more than a few days, so that you can check that you’re getting the best deal. At Automall, you can get a quote on your old car that’s fixed for five days, so you have time to make your mind up without feeling pressurised.

Buying online – the 2020 way of buying a pre-owned car

We’ve all got used to spending more time at home, and shopping online has become hugely popular. If you want to buy a car online, it’s never been easier. Not only can you pick from a choice of hundreds of different makes and models, but with Automall you can book a test drive from the comfort of your own home and do everything without ever setting foot on the dealership forecourt.

Buying cars online in the UAE is the new way of doing business, and it’s made it even easier for customers to find exactly the right car at a great price. Some deals are often also exclusively available online, so it’s worth checking out the dealership websites to see what’s on offer.

As we all get back to the ‘New Normal’, it’s easier than ever to find, pay for and take delivery of that pre-owned dream car, without even leaving the comfort of your sofa. The only reason you might need to put your shoes on is to take it for a test drive when it arrives at your door!