Sell Used Chevrolet

From the all-American pick-up truck to sophisticated saloons packed full of luxury features, Chevrolet is one of the world’s best-known automotive brands. First spluttering onto the roads of America in 1911, today’s ‘Chevies’ are sold all over the world. From reliable, everyday family cars to muscle cars that are perfect for some evening posing on the Corniche, Chevrolet is a brand that’s loved by petrol-heads the world over.

Sell your car with Automall

Whether your Chevrolet is a 2018 or a 2005 model, we want to hear from you. Our customers love Chevrolets, which means we’re always on the lookout for good quality examples of all models. Contrary to popular belief, we sell any car, including Chevrolets, and are prepared to offer you an instant valuation and quote for your car. You’ll get the market value, and in most cases, we pay you in cash within 30 minutes. However, if you want a little longer to think about it, we’ll keep the offer open for five days so you can make your mind up in your own time.

Want to upgrade? While you’re here selling your car, why not look at what’s on offer? We’re happy to take cars as trade-in, and even if you have an outstanding loan on your vehicle, we’ll help you sort out all the paperwork so you can make the most of your asset.

It’s so easy to sell your car in the UAE with Automall, so if you’re thinking about changing your old model for something newer, or need a few more extra seats for your growing family and want to look at our range of SUVs, drop in and talk to one of our team today for more information.