Sell Used Honda

For decades, Japanese automotive giant Honda has been leading the way in R&D that has pushed the boundaries of automotive technology. Their cars range from the humble city runabout to SUVs that are family friendly with excellent ENCAP safety ratings. From the legendary Accord or the fuel-efficient Civic to the latest, 5th-generation CR-V, Honda keeps on producing premium quality vehicles for everyone. However, if you’re ready to upgrade your Honda, even if it’s 15 years old, we can help.

Sell your Honda at Automall

Rather than relying on classified adverts or going up against a thousand other Civics on car buying websites, you can sell your car at a dealership and get an instant cash offer within 30 minutes. At Automall, we buy and sell cars every day, which means we’re always looking for good quality vehicles to restock our forecourts. We want your car, and we’re prepared to pay you the market value (often in cash) straight away.

Want to do a Honda trade-in and replace your old car with a newer model? We can take your old Honda in part-exchange for one of our premium quality models. We can evaluate your car in Dubai and across the UAE at any one of our outlets and give you an honest valuation on the spot. Rather than waiting for weeks to sell your car, you can do it in under an hour.

Because we have such a high turnover of vehicles, we’re always looking for replacement stock. Get in touch with Automall today and see just how much you could get for your Honda (and perhaps pick up the keys to a shiny new model!).