Sell Used Kia

The zippy, nippy little Kia has a great reputation as the ultimate city car. Perfect for the morning commute, it’s easy to park, economical, and a great little all-round family runabout. They may have a reputation for making small cars, but don’t underestimate the Kia brand – they also do some comfortable saloons and some excellent SUVs such as the 2018 Sportage. 

Our customers love the Kia – it’s a budget-friendly brand with bags of personality and plenty of extras. If you’re ready to upgrade to a more recent model, or if you want to swap your Kia for a different make, we can help.

Selling your car with Automall

Don’t think that we just sell Toyotas and Hondas at Automall – we carry a huge range of different makes including Kia. In fact, we’re always looking for pre-owned Kia’s for our forecourts, as they tend to sell very quickly! Don’t worry if your Kia is a little ‘long in the tooth’ – if it’s in good condition we’ll buy any model all the way back to 2005 at full market value. That means we’ll pay you in cash (in most cases) and you’ll get the full book price for your pre-owned Kia, so we think you’ll get a better deal selling your car to Automall than you would on car buying websites.

Want to trade-in your old Kia for a new model? We can do that too, and it’ll take just 30 minutes for us to give you a full valuation and a quote. To find out more, book an appointment at one of our outlets and sell your car in Dubai with Automall – the easy way to get cash for your car.