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Sporty, sleek, and the representation of the very best in luxury cars, coupe model cars are the epitome of style and sophistication. They fall into the sports cars category, so expect a coupe to have two doors rather than the usual four, and powerful engines that make this type of vehicle a real ‘driver’s car’.

However, just because they have that ‘sports car’ identity, they’re not out of the price range of the average motorist. In fact, affordable coupe cars are on-trend with young professionals looking for a car with more character and more power than the average family saloon.

Who makes the best coupe sports cars?

Coupes are made by almost all makes of car, from Mercedes to Chevrolet, and even Japanese brands such as Toyota have their own versions on offer. The ultimate coupe has to be the Ford Mustang – the very pinnacle of muscle-car coupes with its growling V8 engine and low profile, the Mustang has real road presence and a huge following.

Coupe cars are also available for those whose pockets are not quite deep enough to pay out for a top-end Mercedes sports car coupe, and Chevrolet’s Camaro is a popular alternative. It has that muscle-car look, but with a more affordable price tag.

Why buy a sports car?

Sports cars and coupes are aspirational buys. You buy a sports car with your heart, not your head! You’ll get less boot space than a sedan, and you certainly wouldn’t want to take a coupe off-road. But what you do get is a driving experience unlike any other.

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