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Buy used Ford Ecopsort cars in UAE

Introduced in 2007, the Ford Edge is a stylish family-size SUV with a surprisingly spacious and practical interior. It offers comfort as well as ease of driving, and comes with a great range of optional safety aids. With its superb handling and intuitive in-car entertainment system, the Ford Edge is perfect for young families but also for couples looking for a fun and practical experience on the roads.

At Al-Futtaim Automall we offer customers a comprehensive range of top-quality used cars, at competitive prices, with a one-year warranty and suitable for all tastes and requirements. The Edge sits at the top of a luxurious range and is larger than its rivals like the Mercedes GLC and BMW X3.

The Edge is a robust 4x4 with five seats, foregoing the clutter of an extra row in favour of more cabin room for passengers. There are two diesel options available. Sport suspension is available in the ST-Line models, making the sharper ride and handling suitable for excursions over rougher terrain.