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Utilitarian, practical, and often surprisingly sporty, hatchback cars are the zippy, nippy little run-arounds that every city dweller loves. They take their name from the ‘hatchback’ action of the rear door, which swings upwards exposing the boot and making it incredibly easy to put heavy luggage in and out of the back of the car. By dropping the parcel shelf you may also have access to the back seats, so hatchbacks often have multiple rear seat configurations that make them incredibly versatile.

Sporty little numbers

Sports hatchbacks, or ‘hot hatches’ as they’re often known, are particularly popular with younger drivers who love the upgraded performance and superior handling of the smaller, nippier hatchback style. Japanese hatchback cars have a particularly good reputation for better-than-average power to rate ratios, making them surprisingly quick even though many of them have smaller engines. More powerful hatchback cars such as the VW Golf are extremely sought after for their exceptional performance and power.

Which hatchback car is best?

The argument over which is the world’s best hatchback car is always bound to cause debate among afficionados, as some will claim that you can’t do better than a VW Golf hatchback while others will sing the praises of the Renault or the Ford Fiesta. Regardless of which camp you fall into, you’ll find an excellent selection of hot hatches and compact city run-arounds at Automall, from the adorable Nissan Micra with its exceptional fuel efficiency and reliability, to the fast and furious Ford Focus hot hatch. With multiple finance options available, and with every one of our used hatchback cars for sale at Automall undergoing rigorous checks, you can be sure you’re buying a reliable hatchback that offers you practicality, drivability, and plenty of fun!