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Also known as a ‘people carrier’, the MPV or Multi-Purpose Vehicle is a large hatchback that normally seats up to six people. These workhorses are smart, practical choices for people with big families, or for those who want to transport larger amounts of cargo around. The seating configuration can be changed to increase the boot size, and the hatchback design makes access to the rear far easier and more practical.

MPV electric cars

As we move towards cleaner, greener motoring, MPVs have been at the forefront of electric cars. In particular, the Japanese and Korean brands of Nissan and Toyota have created a range of electric MPVs that are ideal for city life. This makes them a great choice for city families who want to cut their carbon footprint to a minimum, but still want the comfort and everyday usability of a large family car.

8 seater MPV cars

While the average MPV car has six seats, there are larger versions available that seat up to 8 people. These are ideal for commercial use and are favoured by Uber drivers and taxi companies. They’re also a great choice if you have a big family and want everyone to be safe and comfortable. MPVs score well on the ENCAP safety scale, and are packed with the latest features such as curtain airbags and ABS braking.

At Automall, you’ll find a great selection of the best MPV cars in the UAE, from the Kia Carnival to the Honda Odyssey and the Toyota Previa. Every one of our MPV cars have been fully checked by experts, as well as valeted and sanitized so you know you’re buying one of the best MPV cars on the market. If you want to buy a car with all-round versatility and comfort, the MPV is the ideal choice.