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Pick Up

A pickup is a light-duty truck that has an enclosed cabin and an open cargo area with a tailgate. The best pickup trucks also have a hard-top cover for the cargo area for security and to protect the contents from the elements. Modern pickup trucks are premium quality vehicles that have a practical, rugged side that’s balanced with luxury cabs full of all the latest gadgets and comforts.

Why buy a pickup truck?

If you run a business or want a vehicle that has the capability to take much heavier cargo than the average hatchback, then a pickup truck is the ideal choice. Practical, versatile and with a much larger capacity than a standard car, they also have off-road capability and 4x4 drive, making them go-anywhere, do-anything options. They still have the ability to keep up with modern traffic on the highway and are usually fitted with powerful V8 engines.

Who makes pickup trucks?

A wide variety of manufacturers make their own versions of the pickup car, but perhaps the most famous of all is the Toyota pickup, the almost-legendary (and practically indestructible!) HiLux. However, you’ll also find plenty of other brands to choose from, including Nissan, Ford, Isuzu, Dodge pickups and Mitsubishi.

Most pickups tip the scales at around three tons, which means they need substantial engines to push that weight around. You’ll find the Dodge Ram pickup fitted with a 5.7ltr V8 engine with an automatic transmission. So while they may be big, they’re also surprisingly easy to drive, and incredibly responsive too, with plenty of power at the back wheels.

Pickups for sale in the UAE

At Automall, we have a great choice of pickup trucks for sale. All of our pre-owned vehicles are fully checked and valeted before they go to our forecourts, and the cabins are sanitized for your safety. Finance options are available, so it’s never been easier or more affordable to buy a used single-cabin or even a double cabin pickup truck.