The Best Cars For Off-Roading

17 May 2020

When it comes to comfort when you’re cruising down SZR, it’s hard to beat a luxury 4x4. But head off the smooth tarmac and you’ll discover features that make these vehicles highly capable for discovering the desert, too. If you’re looking for a vehicle to suit your adventurous spirit, here’s our guide to the best cars for off-roading.

1) Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser has long been considered one of the kings of the desert. You can’t miss these iconic 4x4s in convoy heading out for a spot of dune-bashing, and there’s a reason it’s the vehicle of choice for Dubai’s adventure companies. That’s because it can reliably tackle the desert highs and lows while still offering a comfortable ride both passengers and driver. First launched in 1951, the latest models also offer clever tech to make driving on-road just as smooth and as comfortable, too. Browse our choice of Toyota Land Cruisers.

2) Nissan Patrol

If you want a capable 4x4 and have a larger family, then check out the Nissan Patrol. Along with the Land Cruiser, it has almost legendary status across the UAE for combining off-road conquering power with on-road comfort. Newer models feature Hill Start Assist to avoid rollback for greater control on loose surfaces like sand dunes and gravel tracks. Buy a quality used Nissan Patrol.

3) Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is no stranger to the desert, with a heritage that saw earlier incarnations battling across Africa in WWII. This rugged little vehicle was built for off-road adventures and is virtually unstoppable. Today, it’s had a bit of an upgrade, and features like the washable waterproof interior make hosing-out sand easy. No matter what you do at the weekend, you can keep a modern Jeep looking smart for the commute from Sunday to Thursday. And while it has retained its traditional squared-off looks, you’ll find lots of gadgets to make driving in the city a joy too. Compare deals on a Jeep Wrangler.

4) Mercedes G-Wagon

While the great looks of the Mercedes G-Class will turn heads at the mall, it was originally developed by Mercedes for use in the dirt. A major plus-point is the G-Wagon’s ability to keep momentum going as you can shift between high and low gear ratios without coming to a complete stop. That’s a real lifesaver if you’re encountering a tricky situation in the dunes or on a soft trail. Take a look at a used Mercedes G-Class.

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