Where To Get The Best Car Deals In The UAE

17 November 2020

Do you get the best deals on used cars in the UAE by going online and hunting through the classifieds? Or are you better off cutting out all the legwork and going straight to a dealership that offers certified pre-owned cars? It can be a challenge trying to find the right used car at the right price, but bear in mind that the best deals aren’t always the ones with the lowest price tag.

Finding the right used car

You may already have a clear idea of what pre-owned car you want to buy, right down to the model and year. However, the ones you’ll find in the classifieds may not be exactly what you want and you could end up settling for a used car that’s almost what you want, but not quite. It’s always disappointing having to settle for second best, so our advice is to avoid the classifieds and go to an expert.

Automall is the largest and most respected supplier of pre-owned cars in the UAE. That means you have all the choice you want, from older models through to this year’s latest releases, but with the reassurance that you’re buying from a reputable seller.

These days, buying online is the preferred method of making big purchases, and you can buy second-hand cars from Automall from the comfort of your own home. From browsing the selection on offer to booking a test drive and organising finance – you can do it all from your couch!

Guaranteed quality

Buying a used car from the classified ads can be very ‘hit and miss’. You could end up with a very good car, or you could get saddled with a car that is unreliable, poor quality, or at the very worst, dangerous. By going to a dealership like Automall you can buy a certified pre-owned car that has had a top-to-bottom examination carried out by qualified and experienced technicians. That means your pre-owned car should perform flawlessly from the moment you start it up, and you know that it’s safe and roadworthy too.

Finance deals

With private sales, there’s no chance of arranging a finance deal that enables you to spread the cost. You pay cash (or banker’s draft) and you’ll often end up buying a vehicle ‘as seen’, which means there’s no financial recompense if you later find problems with the car.

Buying your second-hand car from Automall means that not only can you arrange a finance deal that suits you and your budget (which in turn means you might be able to afford a better car!), but you can also benefit from special offers and trade-in deals that could cut the cost of your purchase. You’ll also be able to arrange fair and reasonably-priced insurance for your certified pre-owned car if you buy it from Automall.

Are there any advantages to buying second-hand cars privately?

The only potential advantage to buying privately is that you may be able to haggle with the seller and get a cheaper deal, but as we’ve demonstrated, the cost of a used car in the UAE is not the most important defining factor. Buy your car from a respected dealership like Automall and not only do you get a good deal, but you can be sure you’re buying a quality, safe and reliable car that’s been checked thoroughly by experts. You’ll also have the opportunity to trade in your own vehicle, which could offset a certain amount of the initial purchase price, making a dealership deal as cheap, if not cheaper, than a private purchase.

Take a look at the selection of certified pre-owned cars for sale at Automall, and arrange a test-drive online today.