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An SUV or ‘Sports Utility Vehicle’ is a go-anywhere, do-anything category that appeals to the modern motorist. SUVs are designed to combine road-going reliability with off-road capabilities. They achieve this by utilising off-road features such as raised ground clearance and four-wheel drive capability, along with a cabin that’s comfortable and gives passengers and driver a higher viewpoint.

Why buy an SUV?

If you want a city run-around that’s zippy and easy to park then an SUV may not be the right choice for you. But if you want a car that can ferry the family around in comfort and safety, as well as cope with off-road adventures and long-distance touring, then the SUV ticks all the right boxes. The most common internal format is the 7-seater SUV, although both smaller and larger versions are also available.

Who makes SUVs?

The SUV market has exploded in recent years, and everyone from Jeep and Land Rover – who could both be regarded as the classic names in SUVs – through to Mercedes, Nissan and Audi are now making these popular cars. Fortunately, Automall have one of the largest selections of SUVs for sale in the UAE, so whether you’re looking for a top-end Mercedes SUV or an affordable Hyundai SUV that’s easy on the pocket, you’ll find them at Automall.

SUVs are tough, capable of coping with everything from rough tarmac to desert sand or muddy trails, but today’s modern 4x4 SUVs are also just at home on the city streets. If you love adventure driving and exploring the great outdoors, check out the range of used SUVs for sale in the UAE at Automall.